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Signature Hand Engraving
Signature Hand Engraving

Tom Bwarie grew up with a passion for art and a strong work ethic instilled by his father, a successful Los Angeles business owner. After majoring in business at the University of Southern California, Tom opened his own retail store with his wife, Norma. From 1977 to 1994, he crafted one-of-a-kind gift baskets for high-end Hollywood clients, including Steven Spielberg.

When a major earthquake left the Bwarie's store in shambles, the couple started over in Carlsbad, a seaside town near San Diego. The Bwarie Gift Basket Co. served an enthusiastic new customer base until recession hit in 2008, and the business disintegrated almost overnight.

Searching for opportunity in the midst of crisis, Tom Bwarie began engraving glasses at charity events and wine tastings, just as he personalized items for his gift baskets. At each event, people crowded around, eager to watch their names appear on individual keepsakes. Tom knew he found a promising new business.

Today, as founder of Signature Hand Engraving, Tom Bwarie continues to bring fun and interactive experiences to social and corporate events by hand engraving glasses and other mementos for everyone there.

To book Signature Hand Engraving for your next event, contact Tom Bwarie at tom@signaturehandengraving.com.

Winner of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Award for 2014-2015
Innovative Service or Product